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Frey-Amon - The Way to Wood

The Wood

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Oak is the mother tree of the Weinviertel. And also that of Frey-Amon.
With oak and the staves from grandfather Amon is how everything started.
Nowadays we have 30 types of wood in storage.

Our passion for hardwood comes from our conviction.
It is moody, grows slowly and is difficult to process. Just right for the wood experts at Frey-Amon.

Marianne Frey-Amon visits the forests. And that (almost) daily. When it has to do with woods of the highest quality, the boss chooses each trunk personally. Regardless of whether it's in the Weinviertel, France, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania or Croatia.

She circles the trunks step by step until she gets a picture of how the trunk should be used.

Each trunk has particular qualities.
To recognise this is probably the most important step along the Way to Wood.

The trees are felled in winter. Without exception, because only then is the quality suitable.

The Wood

Types of wood

We always have 30 types of wood in storage.

A selection:

Maple, sycamore - Acer pseudoplatanus, A. platanoides
Black locust - Robinia pseudacacia
Common birch - Betula sp.
Pear - Pirus communis
Beech - Fagus silvatica
Oak - Quercus robur, Quercus petraea
Red oak - Quercus rubra
Service tree - Sorbus torminalis
Common alder - Alnus glutinosa
The Wood Types of wood
Ash - Fraxinus Excelsior
Chestnut - Castanea sativa
Cherry - Prunus avium
Lime - Tilia sp.
Poplar - Populus sp.
Black walnut - Juglans nigra
Elm - Ulmus sp.
Walnut - Juglans regia
Hornbeam - Carpinus Betulus

Spruce - Picea abies
Douglas fir - Pseudotsuga menziesii
Pine - Pinus silvestris
Larch - Larix decidua