Holzhandel Marianne Frey-Amon
Holzgroßhandel und Holzhandel
Rundholz, Schnittholz und Spezialsortimente

Am Bahnhof
2041 Hetzmannsdorf
Österreich / Austria

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t:   +43 2951 83 71
f:   +43 2951 83 71 - 19

e:  info@frey-amon.at
Holzhandel Frey-Amon: www.frey-amon.at

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Marianne Frey-Amon wants to increase the appreciation for the individual character of wood, for its naturalness.

"We want to bring out its specific quality. This is the strength behind our business," Ms Frey-Amon says.

Frey-Amon Wood is a family business. You also belong to this family.

Our employees want to know what you want.
What is essential for you? What do you need?
Absolute commitment to your wishes is self-evident to us.

You won't find the types of wood we have anywhere else.

The products are assembled exactly according to your wishes, and are always ready on time.

100 per cent reliable and always Just in Time.